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Dr Jayachandra welcomes all general adult and paediatric ENT referrals. She also has a special interest in managing facial nerve paralysis.

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EAR Hearing loss Eustachian tube dysfunction Ruptured ear drum Ear infections

NOSE Sinusitis/nasal polyps/allergy Nose bleeds Nose fracture Blocked nose  Nasal valve collapse

THROAT Reflux Voice changes Snoring and sleep apnoea Tonsillitis Oral cavity and throat lesions


FACIAL PLASTICS Functional nasal deformity Facial nerve paralysis Skin lesions & cancers  Ear deformity Botox


PAEDIATRIC ENT Otitis media & glue ear Hearing loss & speech delay Enlarged tonsils & adenoids Recurrent tonsillitis Allergic rhinitis Neonatal ear deformity


SURGERIES Tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy Grommet insertion Myringoplasty Septoplasty Turbinoplasty Sinus surgery  Rhinoplasty Skin cancer removal & reconstruction Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty Microlaryngoscopy

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